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‘culture’ Posts:

iPhone X, FaceID, and using your phone in the car

I don’t recommend using your phone while driving, but it feels like the iPhone X makes this even more dangerous…

sleepers: the most boring cool cars

They’re fast, they’re surprising, and they’re a little bit boring. Awesome, right?

lessons learned by being the ‘car guy’

Being a ‘car guy’ is great. Telling people you’re a ‘car guy’ isn’t always so…

owning old cars

The pros and cons of owning old cars.

car culture and the environment

Is it possible to be an enthusiast and care about the environment?

cars as works of art

Cars have a long history of being used for racing, working, commuting, and leisure. There is one use for the car that we rarely think about: works of art.

who decides what counts as racing?

It’s the age old question – are all motorsports racing? There’s enough arguing about it for sure…

saving the manuals

Once the standard offering on all cars, the manual has become more difficult to find than a single-disc CD player.

Apparently ‘drift mode’ is a thing now

I think it’s an awesome feature, but do we have to get all gimmicky?