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Let’s Motor.

I bought a car. A new one.

i’m just a grille – german edition

Just like the others, these are also available on shirts here.

i’m just a grille – swedish edition

I’ve been working on some car-related designs lately. I have them available to be printed on t-shirts and some other […]

why aren’t there more women in car culture?

Why aren’t there more women in car culture? Because men make it hard for women to be involved.

car tuning: suspension

Going fast requires keeping your car planted to the ground.

steel and aluminum tariffs are bad for car enthusiasts

They won’t end well for anyone.

drivers training could be better

A well trained driver is a good driver. I don’t think we have enough of those.

pontiac fiero build, pt. 5 – the long, slow path to rebuilding

In this part: I try to get things to a point where I can put the car back together.

building your dream car

You’ve found your dream car. Now what?