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‘hobby’ Posts:

DiRT Rally crash course ep. 3

Nothing says fun like having a few beers, then trying to play a racing game!

owning old cars

The pros and cons of owning old cars.


I’ve always had a soft spot for station wagons. This one just happens to be ripe for some personalization.

a stream of me playing DiRT Rally… poorly

It’s a bit potato quality, but it’s still entertaining.

buying a used car

So you’re buying a used car. Do you know how to get the right one?

automotive archaeology of #projectlolvo245

Cleaning out a used car, the 1984 Volvo 245, and finding out happened to it.

how to choose your project car

Some tips on choosing the right car for you project.

pontiac fiero build, pt. 4 – the breakdown, or ‘automotive archaeology’

A series on my experiences with restoring and racing a Pontiac Fiero.

how many cars is too many?

Is there a way to know the answer to this age-old question, or are we destined to never know?