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‘hobby’ Posts:

tuning your car: sticking to the road

It’s all fun and games until you lose traction. Unless it’s on purpose.

pontiac fiero build, pt. 5 – the long, slow path to rebuilding

In this part: I try to get things to a point where I can put the car back together.

tuning your car: braking is good

There’s really no point in going fast if you can’t stop.

DiRT Rally crash course ep. 3

Nothing says fun like having a few beers, then trying to play a racing game!

owning old cars

The pros and cons of owning old cars.

DiRT Rally crash course ep. 2

Not sucking quite as badly at DiRT Rally…


I’ve always had a soft spot for station wagons. This one just happens to be ripe for some personalization.

a stream of me playing DiRT Rally… poorly

It’s a bit potato quality, but it’s still entertaining.

buying a used car

So you’re buying a used car. Do you know how to get the right one?