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‘philosophy’ Posts:

car culture and the environment

Is it possible to be an enthusiast and care about the environment?

cars as works of art

Cars have a long history of being used for racing, working, commuting, and leisure. There is one use for the car that we rarely think about: works of art.

who decides what counts as racing?

It’s the age old question – are all motorsports racing? There’s enough arguing about it for sure…

The Fast and The Furious effect on car culture

In 2001 I saw a movie and it changed everything.

cars and personality

Everyone has their own personality, it’s what makes them unique. It turns out, cars are part of this equation.

the Honda Ridgeline is not a truck

This year, the Honda Ridgeline was voted Truck of the Year at the North American International Auto Show. I don’t agree.

car culture in the age of the self-driving car

Trying to answer the question of where the self driving car fits into car culture.

being a ‘car guy’

Coming to terms with what it means to be a ‘car guy’ in the age of a globalized auto industry.

how many cars is too many?

Is there a way to know the answer to this age-old question, or are we destined to never know?