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car culture and the environment

Is it possible to be an enthusiast and care about the environment?

cars as works of art

Cars have a long history of being used for racing, working, commuting, and leisure. There is one use for the car that we rarely think about: works of art.

who decides what counts as racing?

It’s the age old question – are all motorsports racing? There’s enough arguing about it for sure…

saving the manuals

Once the standard offering on all cars, the manual has become more difficult to find than a single-disc CD player.

Apparently ‘drift mode’ is a thing now

I think it’s an awesome feature, but do we have to get all gimmicky?


I’ve always had a soft spot for station wagons. This one just happens to be ripe for some personalization.

a stream of me playing DiRT Rally… poorly

It’s a bit potato quality, but it’s still entertaining.

the role of forums in car culture

Forums: they’re not just for trolls anymore!

where have all the wagons gone?

They’re basically the greatest cars ever made. Where did they go?